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Welcome to the official Czech Tracks FARO website! Whether you are a fan of Czech racing cars, interested in purchasing a home circuit or an owner of any of the many previous models of Czech tracks (EUROPA CUP, ITES, GONIO or Autodráha 90), you will find our offer exciting.

Czech racing cars

The Czech automotive industry has a long tradition that runs from the first automobile in Central Europe, called Präsident, to today's production of several leading car-making companies.


 Tatra T 607-2 Monopost V8


In course of all the history, the whole series of interesting vehicles have been produced in what is now the Czech Republic (some of them unique for their time in terms of design and technologies) and naturally also a lot of racing cars have been created. It is this legacy that FARO models are based upon. Primarily, we focus on Czech racing cars on a scale 1:32. Our models stick to the design of a real vehicle and so the location of the engine and the type of drive correspond to those of a real car. This approach makes it possible to preserve the typical handling performance of each automobile, such as oversteering in rear-engine RWD cars. This way a model becomes a piece of sports equipment while retaining its high quality to meet the requirements of collectors.

A great track for great races

With a width of 180mm, FARO tracks belong to the world's widest home circuits. The hand controller with an electric brake as well as the applied transformers have been designed to provide long service-life and good performance and all that at very favourable prices. The distinctive feature of our track is its modularity. Our customer can choose a totally customized track in line with their demand in terms of space and budget; their choice is not limited to only a few sets. Our tracks design is unique; however, all FARO cars can also be used on other tracks from the world's leading track producers.



Škoda Š 130 RS  Racing


A track with tradition

History of the Czech tracks began in 1968 when the production of a 74mm-pitch track was started under the brand ITES. In the early 1970s, the pitch was increased to 90mm and the brand name EUROPA CUP was adopted. The packaging still bore the name of the production plant GONIO and also the names of sets based upon models included e.g. Tyrrell, Shadow, Porsche. At the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s, the labels JUNIOR, FORMULA as well as Autodráha 90 were used. In 1994, a finer surface was applied to the track allowing better adhesion.

Since 2000 when the production was handed over to the company Model based in Plzeň (Pilsen), the track has been marketed under the name FARO. Track FARO is therefore a direct successor to the Czech tracks that allows a smooth use of older parts with a slot pitch of 90mm and also an attachment to a 74mm-pitch track by means of extension kits. Thus, FARO track line of products makes it possible to repair, complement or expand any original Czech circuit that you may possess.



Škoda Felicia Kit Car  Racing


How to order

Currently the web pages are fully available only in Czech. That is why we recommend that you send us an e-mail, fax, or letter when ordering from abroad. Prices in Czech crowns (CZK) can be found in our e-shop or you have the option of downloading a pricelist in English from there.

Individual customers can send an order and they will receive a payment document with all the information needed to remit the payment. Postage is added to the price of goods according to the place of delivery. Upon receipt of your payment to our account under the assigned numeric code, the goods will be shipped on the very same day. All prices include VAT.

Business customers can send their identification information (licence, trade licence, certificate of legal status). Their order will be dealt with in the same way: we will send you an invoice and upon receipt of your payment the goods will be shipped. Basic wholesale prices are xy % lower and they do not include tax if the goods are exported. Also in this case postage is added. Please send all inquiries regarding the delivery conditions to the following e-mail address: faro@autodraha-faro.cz. We accept only e-mail, fax or written orders that contain a full and exact identification of the customer with a ship-to address and the contact information. We apologize but incomplete or phone orders cannot be processed.

Thank you for your interest in Czech Tracks FARO! We wish you a lot of fun!  



Škoda Š 130 RS  Rallye




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